Gods of Abral

​​​​Alana, Queen of the Gods

Eldest and greatest of the Abral gods, Alana rules over the pantheon. Alana's purview is strength of will and leadership. Her blessing is invoked in the crowning ceremony for each Monarch of Abral. Her symbol is a crowned helm.

Dalon, Lord of Scars and War

The tale goes that Dalon was once the weakest of the gods. In his youth he would challenge both his peers and his foes to honorable combat. In each duel, following the customs of the land, the loser is left alive but with a fresh scar, a reminder of their loss. Through sheer perseverance Dalon has ascended to become the greatest warrior of all, beneath the bandages he wears his body is said covered completely in scars and blemishes from his many trials. His followers tend to wrap bandages around parts of their bodies before battle as a tribute.

Sabara, The Keeper of Doors

Sabara is the Abral God of Justice. It is said that she keeps watch over the paths one walks in life, and by her will a doorway may be opened to greatness, or locked to condemn a villain. She is worshipped by those seeking truth or fairness.

The Prince, The Holder of the Runes

The Prince is the adopted son of Alana, and is the Abral God of Love and Luck. It is said he holds a bag of runes which when cast decide matters of fate. His followers too carry a ceremonial rune bearing lucky symbols.

Delina, Keeper of the Land

Delina is the Abral God of honest and hard work. She has no symbols or trappings, her followers honor her by putting effort into their daily labours.

Kelius, Patron of Tricksters

Kelius is said to manifest as a robe of smoke, and is the God of wit and trickery. Not to be thought of as an evil God, Kelius looks favorably on those who use cunning to overcome hardships when the odds are against them.

Gods of Tosna

The Dark Sky, God of War and Storms

The Dark Sky is said to appear as a titan riding a thundercloud, where he rides he leaves death and destruction. In Tosna he is worshipped by the ritual casting of valuables into a storm. If the wind tears the trinket away it is said that the Dark Sky has taken the offering, and his wrath will fall upon the enemy.

Other Deities


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