The Refined School of Meteorology

This magic originates from an offshoot of the College of a Thousand Arts. The refined school was formed shortly after the disastrous storm of Fall 572. Though disputed, it is said that King Percival Teclis angered the Tosnan God of War and Storms, The Dark Sky. It is said that he boasted that such was the ability of his aeromancers that Abral had nothing to fear from the war-god's wroth. After the repair efforts were completed, King Percival's successor decided to appoint a dedicated school of mages to ensure that the kingdom was less vulnerable to freak weather events.

This school's purview is the understanding and manipulation of weather, and is characterised by a slow, scholarly approach to research and spellcasting. Despite typically requiring a long time, precise motions and specialist equipment, once a mage of this school has managed to cast a spell, the results can be quite spectacular.


The school is organised into a hierarchy, with a Grandmaster presiding over four Masters each given the title of a cardinal wind direction. Beneath them lie the Mages, Acolytes and Apprentices that form the bulk of the organisation. The Grandmaster is invited to sit at the conclave of mages, where magical matters are decided.


Grandmaster Holuon

The Grandmaster presides over the school and has ultimate authority over all beneath them.

Master of the North Wind Benedict Tol

Northern Abral is more rural and agricultural than the rest of the country. The Master of the North Wind specialises in research and implementation of weather events to aid in the growing of crops.

Master of the East Wind Baldor Kan

To the east of Abral lie the Eastern Realms, with which Abral conducts a great deal of trade. Each month ships return from the seas laden with rare spices and metals. To aid this, the Master of the East Wind concerns themselves with the creation of favourable winds and conditions for ship trade.

Master of the South Wind Jadara Salo

South of Abral lies the Kingdom of Tosna, the old enemy. The Master of the South Wind cares for one thing and one thing only: the use of the school's magic in the art of war.

Master of the West Wind Solentius

To the West of Abral there is seemingly endless ocean. Abral's western coast is often buffeted by great storms and tidal waves. The Master of the West Wind's duty is to seek to mitigate these calamities, and dispel the storms before too much havoc is wreaked.

Known Spells

Coalesce Cloud Intensity 2

When cast this forms a cloud the size of a city block , either in the sky or at ground level. This has the effect that anyone in it is obscured, giving a -1d penalty for searches, and may also cause rain. The fog clings to those in it, giving a Master Die to Dodging or Stealth. This lasts for hours , however the concealing effects apply to friend and foe alike . This must be cast by alongside a successful difficulty 2 Student:Meteorologist roll . Typically this is cast after around 10 minutes preparation, however in a pinch this can be manifested rapidly, requiring more effort from the caster.

Summon Gale Intensity 2

The breeze is summoned in a path about the size of a city street going up to 1km in length. This spell acts to add 2 difficulty to physical ranged attacks going against the wind. The breeze has minor effect, it may knock things over or aid a ships passage, and lasts for several hours. This must be cast by alongside a successful difficulty 2 Student:Meteorologist roll, and requires the use of special instruments to gage the air conditions. Typically this is cast after around 10 minutes preparation.

Tornado Intensity 4

This spell summons a localised tornado, appearing within 100m of the caster. This tornado has cataclysmic effects on the surrounding area, and causes a Area 9 shock attack (however worse effects may arise depending on where it is cast). The tornado lasts for minutes before dissipating, however its path cannot be controlled. This must be cast by alongside a successful difficulty 2 Student:Meteorologist roll , and requires the use of baroque instruments to gage the air conditions. Can be cast with 3 rounds preparation.


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